Adobe Analytics Challenge

Submissions are due at 11:59pm PT on Monday, October 16th

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History of winners

Year Customer School Team Members
Year2016 CustomerSony PlayStation SchoolUtah Team MembersBryant Baird, Josh Thompson, Andrew Silotti
Year2015 CustomerStarwood SchoolBYU Team MembersRobert Haws, Jacob Honsvick, and Hoon Song
Year2014 SchoolKellogg Team MembersAlex Bourdeau, Yajur Kapoor, and John Elder
Year2013 (Condé Nast) SchoolKellogg Team MembersEsther Fang, Susmita Saha, and Jason Shangkuan
Year2012 (Comcast) SchoolBYU Team MembersJared Ferguson, Tyler Ruby, and Ryan Terry
Year2011 ( SchoolUtah Team MembersJ.J. Oliver and Tyler Riggs
Year2010 ( SchoolBYU Team MembersMerritt Aho and Alex Sakaguchi
Year2009 Fall SchoolBYU Team MembersBrandon Anderson, Rand Blair, Kyle Freebairn
Year2009 Winter SchoolBYU Team MembersNate Smith, Justin Maner and Oliver Christensen
Year2008 Fall SchoolBYU Team MembersReed Olsen and David Wilson
Year2008 Winter SchoolBYU Team MembersDavid Woolsey, Tucker Christiansen, Chris Haleua
Year2007 Fall ( SchoolBYU Team MembersGrant Tanner, Tucker Christiansen, Chris Haleua
Year2007 Winter SchoolBYU Team MembersBen Robison, Benjamin Swanson, and Jimmy Zimmerman
Year2006 SchoolBYU Team MembersKevin Willeitner
Year2005 SchoolBYU Team MembersTom LeBaron and Tom Dalton
Note: From 2005 to 2008, the competition was a BYU-only event. In 2009, the University of Utah was added to the competition. In 2010, the AAC was opened up to multiple schools across the United States.