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Thank you for registering your team for the Adobe Analytics Challenge for 2021.

You and your team members may access this Team page using your email address and the team password (included in the team information below).

Here are next steps for you as the team leader:

  • Remind your team members (up to two additional students) that they must each register, uploading a resumé during registration. Important: They will need your email address and the team password when registering.
  • If you have not done so already, ask a faculty member at your educational institution to be your faculty mentor. Each team is required to have a faculty mentor. Important: Provide your faculty mentor with your email address and the team password — they will need that information when registering.
  • Both your team members and your faculty mentor may sign up on the Registration page.
  • You and your team members may access this Team page using your email address and the team password. You will only need to use this Team page to upload your presentation once it's completed.
  • Remind your team members to check the calendar for key dates.
  • Very important: Each team member and faculty mentor must read and agree to a Non-Disclosure and Release Agreement (NDA), which you can view here. Once each team members has read the NDA, they need to click the check box by their name on the team page (see below). ALL team members need to read the NDA and check the box. Only those participants who have done so will receive access to the the data provided by the customer.
  • Faculty mentors are required to read and agree to the NDA as well, but they may do that later. A team’s uploaded presentation will not be considered if their faculty mentor has not agreed to the NDA by October 14.

Team Name:

Team Saved by the Bell (example)

Student Team members:

AC Slater, ac@bayside.com (example)

Faculty Mentor:



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  • Your team’s presentation must be created and uploaded as a PowerPoint file.
  • Presentations must be uploaded before Oct 6 at 11:59pm PT.
  • Do not upload until everyone on your team agrees that it's ready to submit. Once you submit, to retrieve a submitted presentation will require sending a special request to the AAC competition managers.


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