Adobe Analytics Challenge 2019

#1 business case competition for cash prizes, internships, and full‑time offers

Form a team for this year’s challenge.

For over 12 years, the Adobe Analytics Challenge has been a unique analytics-focused business case competition where university students are given the opportunity to use Adobe’s industry-leading analytics products and access to real-world data from leading organizations such as T‑Mobile, Starwood, Lenovo, Condé Nast, Comcast,,, Sony PlayStation, and MGM Resort International.

“Digital analytics practitioners often talk about how hard it is to find qualified analysts. If this year is any indication, help is on the way as these students seek internships and full-time employment.”
— David McBride, Comcast
“The competition gives students access to real data and business challenges. We hope to maintain relationships with the finalists to discuss employment opportunities after graduation.”
— Dan Stubbs, Condé Nast


Students collaborating

Nationwide contest for up-and-coming analytics talent

Winning teams have come from universities across the nation, including NYU, Duke, Ross (Michigan), Northwestern (Kellogg), BYU, University of Utah, University of Texas‑Austin, UC‑Berkeley, Missouri, Yale, UCLA, USC and many others.

Through this program, Adobe has exposed thousands of students to the high‑demand fields of digital marketing and analytics. Selected individuals from the Adobe Analytics Challenge will be given the opportunity to interview for internships and full‑time positions at Adobe and our sponsor company.

Over the years, Adobe has hired more than 50 students from this program, and it has been a valuable recruiting pool for other companies and agencies looking for data‑driven talent.

2019 student team prizes
1st place 2nd place 3rd Place 4th place 5th place 6th place
$35,000 $14,000 $6,000 $3,000 $1,500 $500

Faculty mentors can win prizes, too

Each of the finalist mentors will receive a free pass to the annual Adobe Summit event in Las Vegas. In addition, the winning team’s mentor will receive an all-expense paid trip to the Adobe Summit.

The different phases of the competition


At the beginning of the Adobe Analytics Challenge, we’ll have a one‑hour kickoff web conference with Adobe and a customer partner. You’ll receive an overview of the competition as well as information on the analysis project. You’ll have a few days to identify the team you will enter into the competition.

Registration & Training

Students can form teams of up to three students. You must pick a team name and have each individual complete the registration form on this site. Each individual will have to sign two non-disclosure agreements (one for Adobe and one for customer partner). Once you’re registered, you’ll be given access to Adobe Analytics and customer partner’s data. Your team will be invited to join a two‑hour live training session (optional but recommended). The training session will be recorded in case you have a scheduling conflict.

Project Work & Submission

You will have just over two weeks to analyze a company’s digital data in Adobe’s analytics tools and build a presentation for your analysis findings and recommendations. Your team will submit a PowerPoint file by the submission deadline. All of the submitted presentations will be screened and approximately 15–20 presentations will be selected for the first‑round judging.

Semi-final Judging

Each of the semi‑finalists will be scheduled for a 20‑minute web conference. Each team will have 10 minutes to present their slides and three minutes showcasing their projects in Analysis Workspace to a panel of judges. For this round, the judges will be comprised of experienced analytics consultants. We expect all of the team members to present a portion of the presentation. You will have up to five minutes reserved for questions from the judges at the end. After the first‑round judging is complete, the judges will choose up to six teams that qualify for the final round in San Jose, California. Typically, we will choose no more than two teams from the same school for the finale.

Final Judging

Each of the finalists will be brought to San Jose for the final round. Adobe will cover the flights and accommodation expenses of the finalist teams as well as their faculty mentor. The finalists will have the opportunity to modify their slides, and they will have 15 minutes to present their findings and recommendations: 12 minutes spent presenting slides and three minutes spent in Analysis Workspace. The teams will have approximately five minutes at the end to answer questions. For this round, the group of judges will include representatives from Adobe, customer partner as well as other industry experts.


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