Rules & FAQ

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You are not eligible for this competition if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • You already graduated from your academic program.
  • You participated in this competition in the past and won a cash prize.
  • You work or have worked for Adobe as an employee, intern, or contractor.

Competition Rules

  1. Only individuals who have signed the NDAs may view or access the company data.
  2. You may consult published works in the field of digital analytics and solicit help from your faculty mentor.
  3. You may not make contact with employees of Adobe or the customer partner during the competition.
  4. You may not consult with or solicit help from Adobe employees or contractors, students who are not on your team, or other outside professionals.

Judging Criteria


Establish key business objectives and success metrics

We want to confirm you understand what the company’s business goals are as well as their KPIs. This information will be shared by the customer partner with all of the teams. We include this criterion to make sure you anchor your analysis and findings on what’s important to the business.


Analyze factors impacting success metrics

We will be evaluating the quality, depth, uniqueness, and potential value of your analysis.


Recommend opportunities for business improvement

We expect to see a connection between your analysis findings and the recommendations you make. The more actionable and impactful your recommendations, the better.


Professionalism and communication skills

We are looking for polished presentations that are rehearsed and presented in a professional manner.


Q: Is a faculty mentor mandatory?
A: Yes, each team must have a faculty mentor.
Q: Can a faculty mentor support multiple teams?
A: Yes, a faculty mentor can be a mentor to more than one team.
Q: What do I need to do to register for the competition?
A: Students can form teams of up to three students. You must pick a team name and have each individual complete the registration form on, which will be available starting September 4, 2020. Also, each individual will have to sign a non‑disclosure agreement.
Q: Is submitting my resumé mandatory? Do the resumes impact judging criteria?
A: Yes, submitting a resumé is mandatory, but does not impact judging criteria in any of the rounds. Over the years, Adobe has hired more than 50 students from this program, and it has been a valuable recruiting pool for other companies and agencies looking for data‑driven talent. This year, selected individuals from the Adobe Analytics Challenge will be given the opportunity to interview for internships and full-time positions at Adobe and our sponsor company.
Q: Can students from different universities be on the same team?
A: No, all team members must be from the same university.
Q: Is there a registration fee?
A: No, there is no registration fee.
Q: What happens if I experience account or login issues, such as forgetting my team’s password or accidentally submitting incorrect information? (Remember: Your team password was set up by your team leader, so check with your team leader first.)
A: Send an email to the Adobe Analytics Challenge Website Team who will assist you in resolving your issue.
Q: Is this competition open to schools outside of North America?
A: Yes. This year (2020), students outside of North America may compete.
Q: When will I gain access to the data?
A: Data access will be provided to students via Adobe Analytics by the end of the day on September 30, 2020. Only those students who have read and approved the NDA will be provided access. If you have not done so already, log in to your Team page, read the NDA, and agree to adhere to it.
Q: Which tools can teams use during the competition? Can teams use tools other than Adobe Analytics?
A: While teams may choose to use tools like Tableau, Excel, etc. to augment their presentations, please keep in mind that each team will be required to spend three minutes showcasing their projects in Analysis Workspace. Their ability to walkthrough Adobe Analytics will be factored into the judging process.
Q: Why do faculty advisors not have access to the data?
A: While a faculty advisor may support your team, they are not allowed access to the data. We want to create an even playing field and encourage students to develop the skills needed to derive insights from real-world data.
Q: Are teams allowed to make changes to their PPTX file between different rounds?
A: Finalist teams will have the opportunity to modify their slides prior to the final round of judging. Teams will not be allowed to make changes to their slides prior to the semi‑final round.
Q: How long will teams have to present in the semi-final round?
A: Each of the 20 semi‑final teams will be scheduled for a 20-minute presentation via web conference. Each team will have 10 minutes to present the slides they submitted to a panel of judges, three minutes to do a live walkthrough in Analysis Workspace, and then time for Q&A. For this round, the judges will be comprised of experienced analytics consultants.
Q: How long will teams have to present in the final round?
A: The finalists will have the opportunity to modify their slides, and they will now have 15 minutes to present their findings and recommendations (12 minutes using slides and three minutes live in Analysis Workspace). The teams will have approximately five minutes at the end to answer questions. For this round, the group of judges will include representatives from Adobe, the customer-partner, as well as other industry experts.